X Pole Xpert is a high-quality, portable stripper pole made of bronze, steel or gold and can be used for in-home dance performances or packed up and carried to a client’s house, business or party. The X Pole Xpert is the world’s best pole dancing pole and is unique in the pole dancing world because it can be set up as both a static or spinning dance pole, allowing you to easily perform all sorts of pole dancing tricks, stunts and maneuvers in the comfort of your own home. Check out the pole dancing pole comparison chart below and see how the X Pole Xpert stacks up against other portable stripper poles. 

x pole gold professional stripper pole
x pole xpert chroms stripper pole
x pole sport chrome dance pole
new pro professional dance stripper pole
megabrands portable stripper pole
7'4" - 9'
7'4" - 9'
7'4" - 9'
7'4" - 9'
7'4" - 9'3"

What is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is a form of performance art and acrobatics, commonly associated with strip clubs and night clubs, which combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical burlesque pole. The origin of pole dancing isn’t entirely known, but this unique and sexy art form may have started out as a type of dance performed only by strippers and exotic dancers, but in the last several years has gained popularity as a form of fitness and mainstream entertainment – practiced not just by professional dancers, athletes and strippers, but also by amateur enthusiasts in gyms and dance studios all around the world. The history of pole dancing is short, but the benefits of pole dancing are great! In fact, pole dancing has become so popular in the last decade that a wide range of amateur and professional competitions are now held in dozens of countries all around the world.

Pole Dancing Competition

Artistic Pole Dance

Exotic Pole Dancing

Performing a pole dance is not as easy as it looks. Pole dancing requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance – as a pole dancer needs to perform both simple and complex dance moves involving climbs, spins, jumps, mounts, and body inversions using the arms and legs to grip her or her metal dance pole. Upper body strength as well as a strong core are required by any pole dancer wishing to attain proficiency at the modern pole dance… and consistent training is a must, which is why pole dancing classes and pole dancing clubs have become so popular in recent years. See the bottom of this page for more information on pole dancing classes and how to become a professional pole dancer.

Learn How To Pole Dance!

Pole dancing is fun; it’s a great workout; and it’s relatively easy to learn – which is why so many people around the world are now taking pole dancing classes, studying in dedicated pole dance studios and turning to the Internet in order to learn how to pole dance.

Mister Pole Dance Austria 2013 Here at XPoleXpert.com, we want to provide you with all the information you need to:

  • Find and buy the best pole dancing pole.
  • Learn how to set up your new pole dancing pole in your home.
  • Learn how to pole dance.
  • Find the best pole dancing clothes.
  • Browse our catalog of pole dancing music.
  • Locate local pole dancing classes.
  • Perform basic and advance pole dance moves.
  • Perfect your pole dance moves.
  • And maybe even compete (or better yet, win) a pole dancing competition.

Pole dancing is no longer an activity performed only by strippers, exotic dancers, lap dancers, and those wishing to perform in the nude. Exotic dancing is not what the modern pole dance is all about. Pole dancing has gone mainstream! With an X Pole Xpert (or one of our other recommended pole dancing poles), some basic pole dancing instruction, and a little bit of practice, you will be pole dancing in front of an audience before you know it!

Pole dancing is fun, easy and enjoyable. It’s great for the body… and for the mind. Anyone can learn to pole dance with a little instruction – which is why pole dancing for beginners has become so popular. Welcome to X Pole Xpert – where we give you the tools and resources needed to get some pole exercise, become a pole dancing professional, or (at the very least) learn some of basic pole dancing tricks.

X Pole Dance Poles

A pole dancing pole is also known as a: dance pole, dancing pole, striper pole, fitness pole, vertical pole, spinning pole, exercise pole, stripping pole, peekabook pole, stripper pole or a portable pole.

Not just any metal pole is used for pole dancing. Typical pole dancing poles consists of a long, smooth, hollow steel or brass tube with a circular cross section, running from the floor to the ceiling. Professional dance poles (also known as stripper poles) are often times affixed at the ceiling, giving the pole additional stability, but this is not always the case – especially at night clubs that have super high ceilings… or at locations where a portable dance pole is required (such as a home or work environment).

Most of the dance poles you’ll find for at-home use are about the same size and length… and many home enthusiasts equip their dance area with a pole dance crash mat – which comes in handy when one is still learning.

In the United States, the portable pole dancing poles have a diameter measuring around 5 cm (50 mm or 2 inches), allowing it to be gripped comfortably with one hand (or with the legs). In Asia and in many other parts of the world, however, the pole dance pole diameter is usually 4.5 cm (45 mm) or less. The X Pole Xpert (which is a spinning and stationary dance pole), for instance, comes in both 45 mm and 50 mm sizes, while the X Pole Sport (a non-spinning dance pole) is only available with a 45 mm diameter.

x pole gold professional stripper pole
x pole xpert chroms stripper pole
x pole sport chrome dance pole
7'4" - 9'
7'4" - 9'
7'4" - 9'

Materials of which poles are made include polished stainless steel, chromed steel, brass, powder coating, and titanium coating. Each material surface has different gripping properties. Polished steel is one of the slickest materials, which gives you a faster, more fluid dance, and is great for spins; brass poles provide more friction, allowing for an easier hold during inverts and poses and creating a slow, sensual dance style. And products such as chalk, “Dry Hands” or “iTac” may be used to help your hands stay stuck to the pole.

X Pole Xpert – Best Pole Dancing Pole

What most people don’t know about modern pole dancing is that there are two different types of poles used for pole dancing. There are static (non-spinning poles)… and there is the spinning pole, which as its name suggests, is similar to a standard static dance pole, but is special because it spins in circles with the use of ball bearings (similar to those you might find inside a skateboard wheel).

The purpose of a spinning pole is to create more momentum and higher rates of speed when spinning and dancing around the pole, thereby providing one’s audience with a greater dramatic effect. If you’re just starting out with pole dancing, you might be tempted to buy a simple static pole (in order to save money) and then upgrade to a spinning pole in the future. But if you’re willing to spend the small amount of extra money required to get your hands on a spinning pole, it’s really worth the investment, as spinning poles like the X Pole Xpert not only better showcase your pole dancing tricks, but they’re a whole lot more fun as well.

static dance pole for pole dancing

x pole logo

three girls pole dancing

X Pole Stage: While pole dancing may have started in the strip clubs, modern pole dancing has moved to the home. Portable dance poles (aka “home versions”) are now available almost anywhere in the world and can be used for practice or aerobic exercise. These new at-home pole dancing poles are usually between 7 and 9 feet long, allowing them to fit the floor to ceiling heights found in 90% of the homes across the world. These portable dance poles can be adjusted to fit any ceiling height within their range and use tension between the floor and a ceiling joist to securely fasten the dance pole in place. Watch this dancing pole installation video and you’ll see how portable pole dancing poles, like the ones you find for sale on this website, are installed. It’s super easy!

X Pole USAX Pole UKX Pole Australia

The X Pole (sometimes also referred to as the XPole) comes in three basic varieties: X Pole Xpert (55mm), X Pole Xpert (45mm), and the X Pole Sport (45 mm). The two X Pole Xpert dancing poles are basically identical, except that the diameter on the two poles differs by just 5mm. The reason for this difference comes from the face that pole dancers in the United Stats and many other parts of the world are used to performing on a 50mm diameter pole, while dancers in Asia and a few other parts of the world are more accustomed to pole dancing poles with a 45mm diameter.

See the X Pole comparison chart at the top of this page for details on these three popular pole dancing poles, and then be sure to read our detailed reviews of the X Pole Xpert and X Pole Sport so you understand how these two stripper poles differ and how they stack up against some of the cheaper dance poles currently on the market. Click here to read our X Pole reviews.

Sexy Pole Dance Videos

Pole dancing classes and private instruction in a pole dancing studio is a great way to learn how to pole dance. But if joining a class or working one-on-one with a pole dancing instructor isn’t quite your thing, there’s really nothing stopping you from learning how to pole dance on your own and in the comfort of your own home. There are really only a few things you need to get started.

  1. You need a good pole. We recommend the X Pole Xpert – the world’s best spinning and static portable dance pole.
  2. You need some comfortable, high-quality pole dancing clothes.
  3. You need to watch some videos and learn the basic moves you will need in order to learn how to pole dance.

Lucky for you, there are tons of great pole dancing videos on the Internet. In fact, we’ve scoured the world wild web and come up with a list of the some of the best pole dancing videos on the planet. To find more great pole dancing videos like these, trying searching for “pole dance video,” “pole dancing videos,” “pole dance youtube” or “pole dancing youtube.” There are a number of informative and inspiring videos to choose from.

Pole Dancing Tips

Pole Dance For Beginners

Pole Dancing Tricks

YouTube Pole Dance

Pole Dancing Workout

Pole Fitness Basics

Beginner Spins

Exotic Pole Dance 101

Pole Dancing Exercise

In addition to the free pole dancing videos you’ll find on YouTube and all over the Internet, there are also a number of pole dancing DVDs and pole dancing instructional videos that you can purchase, watch and learn from. From dance exercise dvds to exotic dancer videos, there are tons of free and paid for pole dancing videos to watch, be motivated by and learn from. To see our complete list of sexy pole dance videos, be sure to visit the XPoleXpert.com blog for complete reviews, product recommendations and additional exotic dancing videos.

Pole Dancing Music & Songs

Any pole dance requires some good pole dancing music. Luckily, there are a lot of fun, entertaining pole dancing songs to choose from. While the best pole dance songs might just be the ones that have never been used in the pole dancing world before, there are some songs which have repeatedly been proved to be the best pole dancing songs on the planet. We’ve done our homework and collected a few of those songs for you now, which you are free to listen to and play – straight from YouTube (using the video links below).

Tainted Love


Crazy In Love (Remix)

About You


Dog Days Are Over


Money Make Her Smile

Wicked Games

For more information on pole dancing music or pole dancing songs, please be sure to visit our detailed page on the subject. On this page we feature dozens of good pole dancing songs that you can listen to and use in your own pole dancing routines. On this page, you’ll not only be able to find free pole dancing music, but you’ll be able to purchase and download any of the featured pole dancing songs that you like. This way you can use this music in live pole dancing shoes or competitions.

Pole Dancing Clothes & Shoes

Performing a pole dancing is an extremely physical activity. Pole dancing combines gymnastics, dance, and elements of burlesque into one unique art form. And because pole dancing is so physical, it requires a unique set of pole dancing clothes in order to be successful.

Modern pole dancers and those taking professional pole dancing class, usually dress in a pair of tight fitting shorts combined with a separate tight-sitting top (similar to a sports bra) to cover their breasts, while at the same time exposing their back and stomach. Exotic dance wear is not required, although it is still in by professional pole dancers and those performing in front of an audience of any kind.
The secret to a good pole dancing outfit is keeping your private parts covered up and tucked in, while at the same time remaining sexy. T-shirts and baggy clothes are not ideal for pole dancing clothes. Instead, tight, form-fitting clothes are required. Tight, form-fitting shorts, like those worn by runners, yoga instructors, and gym rats are also extremely good options for a pair of pole dancing shorts.

pole dance glovespole dance costumessexy dancewearexotic dance shoespole fitness shorts

Pole dancing shoes: While sport-specific pole dance shoes are usually not worn by most aerobic pole dancers, those conducting sexy pole dances, lap dances or exotic dances of any kind will usually benefit from some type of pole dancing shoe – often a high-heeled shoe that can be worn comfortably while dancing and moving about.

Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing classes are available in your area! A typical pole dancing class begins with strength training, dance-based moves, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups and gradually works its way up to the spins, climbs and inversions on an X Pole Xpert or a similar indoor dancing pole. In addition to the benefits of exercise, pole dancing classes are also empowering for women in terms of building self-confidence. The many benefits of pole dancing, combined with the fact that the activity is increidbly fun and rewarding is why pole dancing classes have become so popular in recent years. Visit the links below and you’ll be able to find a pole dancing class in your area.

Whether you know it or not, there is probably a pole dancing class in your city or somewhere nearby. Pole dancing classes have become extremely popular over the last several years. The classes are fun, entertaining, motivational and sexy. There are pole dancing classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers alike – so no matter what your age or skill level, you are likely to find a pole dancing class for you.

What to wear to pole dancing class: Purchasing a set of pole fitness clothes is a good idea if you decide to take a class of any kind, so use our tips and suggestions above to find the best pole dance wear for your body type and the class you aim to take.

And of course, if you decide that public pole dancing classes are not your style, you can always purchase a X Pole Xpert or a similar portable dance pole, have it installed in your home, and use the videos and DVDs on this page to teach yourself how incredible art of pole dancing.


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